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Profin Capital Services Ltd. has always been the forerunner in initiating any new financial product and have launched trading facilities on the Currency Derivatives Segment for our clients at all three Exchanges namely NSE, BSE & MCX-SX.

Thus, we bring to you a new trading segment which brings you Foreign Currency & Interest Rate Futures Trading. These asset classes, where the participation was earlier limited to Banks, Currency brokers, Licensed Money Changers, Corporates and Multinational Companies, are now available at your convenience at your finger tips.

Exchange Traded Currency Derivatives In order to upgrade Indian Foreign Markets in line with International standards, a well developed foreign exchange derivative market place having strict governance and transparency was inevitable. With a view to enable entities to manage risk due to volatility in the currency market, the Internal Working Group of RBI explored the advantages of introducing currency futures and submitted the Report of the Internal Working Group in April 2008, which recommended the introduction of Exchange Traded Currency Futures.

Profin Capital Services Ltd. offers you these services so that you can trade in the latest market offerings at your comfort and convenience. Presently USD / INR futures are available for trading on NSE / MCX-SX / BSE. Exchange Traded Interest Rate Derivatives Interest Rate Futures are contractual agreements to buy or sell underlying interest bearing instruments on a specific future date at a pre-determined price.

Exchange Traded Interest Rate Futures (ETIRF) are standardized interest rate contracts traded on the exchange. The trading in Interest Rate Futures was launched on the National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) on 31st August 2009 and will be launched shortly on MCX Stock Exchange (MCX-SX) and Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).

Salient Features of Currency Derivatives :

 - Small orders can be executed up to 1 contract or 1000 USD without any additional cost.
 - Complete Transparency of Quotes, Market Price and Price Discovery.
 - Foreign Currency exposure not required to trade in the currency futures.
 - Synchronization with International Market.
 - Less Fluctuation.
 - Low Margins.
 - Largest Market.

Interest Rate Futures benefit the investors in the following ways:

 - Unlike Currency Derivatives FIIs and NRIs are permitted to trade in ETIRF.
 - Provides flexibility of multiple securities deliveries for one contract.
 - Provides flexibility of timing for securities deliveries.
 - Provides flexibility between square-up and delivery settlement of position.
 - Can be traded from the existing Currency Derivative Facility.
In case of any grievances please write to, Lodge your complains / suggestions at, on webpage BSE & NSE Prices are delayed.
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