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Sr No Date File Title Download
114-02-2019Pro Fin _ BM Notice Feb - 2019
214-02-2019Shareholding Pattern _ Dec 2018
307-12-2018Financial Results & LRR Sept- 2018
407-12-2018Pro Fin _BM Notice Nov - 2018
507-12-2018Shareholding Pattern _ Sep 2018
607-12-201827th AGM outcome & Scrutinezer Report
703-09-2018Notice of AGM 2017-18
803-09-2018Annual Report 2017-18
1023-08-2018Financial Results & LRR_ June 2018
1109-08-2018Pro Fin_BM Notice August 2018
1219-07-2018Shareholding Pattern_June 2018
1331-05-2018Financial Results_March 2018
1422-05-2018Board Meeting_30 May 2018
1509-04-2018Shareholding Pattern-March 2018
1615-02-2018Financial Results & LRR_Dec 2017
1730-01-2018Shareholding Pattern_Dec 2017
1809-11-2017Financial Results_Sept 2017
1926-10-2017Notice BM_Sep 2017
2012-10-2017Shareholding Pattern Sep 2017
2112-10-201726th AGM Scrutinizer Report
2206-09-201726th AGM Notice Free press Newspaper clipping
2331-08-201726th Annual Report_Pro Fin
2416-08-2017Financial Statements_June 2017
2526-07-2017BM Notice_14817
2621-07-2017Shareholding Pattern_June 2017
2731-05-2017Financial Statements Mar 2017
2822-05-2017BM Notice_30517
2913-04-2017SHP_March Quarter_Revised
3014-02-2017Fin Results_Dec 2016
3106-02-2017Notice BM_13 Feb 2017
3211-01-2017Shareholding Pattern_Dec 2016 Quarter
3314-11-2016Pro Fin_Results_Sept 2016
3401-11-2016Shareholding Pattern_Pro Fin
3506-10-2016Tera_Financial Statements 2015-16
3606-10-201625th AGM_Voting Results
3703-10-201625th AGM_Voting Results
3803-10-201625th AGM Proceedings
3902-09-201625th Annual Report_Pro Fin Capital
4017-08-2016Financial Results June 16
4104-08-2016Notice of BM_12.8.16
4220-07-2016Shareholding_Pattern-Pro Fin Capital
4331-05-2016result for year ended 2016
4424-05-2016Notice for board meeting_Profin DATE ON 30 MAY 2016
4516-09-2015Annual Report 2014-2015
4609-06-2015Result Report 2014-2015
4708-09-2014Annual Report 2013-2014
4826-08-2014RESULT FOR QAUTER ENDED 30th JUNE 2014
5016-12-2013java run time
5116-12-2013Annual Report for the of 2012-2013
5204-04-2013TEAM VIWER VER.8
53Annual Report for the of 20011-20012
54Annual Report for the of 20010-20011
55Annual Report for the of 2009-20010
56Annual Report for the of 2008-2009
5704-04-2013Annual Report for the of 2007-2008
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