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In today’s world, investment has carved out its place in the list of our basic needs. With an endless gamut of investment options, time and again, equity has always outperformed all the other asset classes in India, with the returns from Sensex over the years being more than 18% (CAGR – Compounded Annual Growth Rate).

Investing in stock can earn you returns in two ways, capital gains and dividends. 

Capital gains are the profits you earn while selling the stock. Example, if you buy a share at Rs. 250 and sell it at Rs. 1000, your capital gain will be of Rs. 750. Whereas, dividends are cash payments that you receive from the company at regular intervals, usually annually or quarterly. A good number of listed companies pay dividends regularly.

Derivatives are vital for the financial system as they help to hedge against the risk and also provide you with an opportunity to profit from the anomalies in the market.

Various derivative contracts constitute a significant share of all the capital market transactions in the domestic as well as global markets. In India, derivative contracts are traded on National Stock Exchange (NSE) on a huge scale and their trade is becoming increasingly prevalent even on Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).

Our Derivative Market segment has a composite understanding of the equity and derivatives market that is vividly reflected in our unique and effective Trading / Hedging / Arbitrage strategies. Our latest technological infrastructure, live market reports, in-depth analysis and tracking services enable you to opt for appropriate and highly profitable derivative strategies such as Bull Spread, Bear Spread, Cover Call Writing, Hedging Strategies, etc that are specific to your individual portfolio.

At Profin Capital we provide quality services whose functions span beyond mere execution of buying and selling. Our extensive research helps you assimilate massive amount of information regarding trends in the economy, the markets, trends of specific industries and/or individual companies. This treasure trove of information will help you, as an investor, in your investments or in undertaking any investment decisions.

Our sole purpose is to assist you, the investor, to make deliberate and calculated decisions that will match your personal needs with suitable investment alternatives.

Profin Capital Services Ltd can enhance your investing experience with:
  • Excellent trade execution capabilities on BSE, NSE, MCX and NCDEX
  • Futures & Options / Derivatives trading for those with a higher risk appetite
  • Arbitrage trading strategies
  • Daily Market Analysis, Advisory reports & Special Situation Research Reports
  • Online real-time back office, available 24/7
  • Online Depository Services with Auto Pay-in facility
  • Seamless transaction flow.
In case of any grievances please write to, Lodge your complains / suggestions at, on webpage BSE & NSE Prices are delayed.
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